Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More Game Theme Ideas

Here's a few more additions to my game theme room for this school year.

"Code Word Operation" for my math problem solving wall.

 "Check Your Writing" for my 6 Traits display.

Still looking for ideas for a science or history bulletin board idea.   If you think of something, I'd love to hear from you :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Game Themed Classroom ideas

Here's a "Battleship" themed board to place by the door.  The students move their magnet to indicate where they are going (Ex:  restroom, nurse, office, library, etc.).  I used a Dollar Store cookie sheet, clear glass pebbles, and attached magnets to the backs of each one.  Super easy to make.

I also added a "Pictionary" themed wall to post pictures of my "Student of the Week".  I used Dollar Store picture frames, removed the glass, and hot glued a clothes pin to each one.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Board Game Theme Classroom

I'm teaching 3rd grade this year and decided to decorate my classroom with a board game theme.  Check out the pictures of my new room.

Here is my reading wall with the genres of literature.

I even added dots to the ottoman to make it look like dice.

I used a twister board in the hallway to create a bulletin board to display student work.

I decorated my desk and the area around my desk with a checkerboard and chess theme.

My small group table reading table is now a Connect Four table. 

My entry door also has a Monopoly theme.  I plan to add student pictures to the cards and label them with Monopoly style names (Example:  Chase Place, Molly Avenue, Sam Street)

I took a Guess Who game and transformed it into my birthday wall.  I'm going to add pictures to the Guess Who flaps.

Our school uses an Honorable Character program to teach character traits (honesty, cooperation, service, self-control, etc.).  I used a Trivial Pursuit theme here.  I will add each character trait on a pie piece just like the board game as we talk about each one.

My calendar and job board has a Life theme.  The cars are labeled with different jobs.  The smiley faces are attached with velcro and will be moved each week to a different job description.

My writing board is based on Candyland.  There are clothespins on the lollipop sticks labeled with student names.  I will use this as a "Status of the Class" board to show where each student is in the writing process.  Here's a link to my Writer's Workshop pages.

I used a twister board and some black tape to create curtains.  I added the dot streamers for an added effect.  

Here's the UNO cursive line.

I used a Yahtzee theme for the math problem solving board.

Here's my Scrabble word wall.  I'll add the words each week in the Scrabble font.  Here's a link to the font-  Free Scrabble font

I'll add more board game related classroom pics soon.